Domaine de Tara has been committed to a sustainable and environmental approach for many years.

Throughout vinification with little interference and limited yields, we prioritize the quality of our cuvées. We endeavour to preserve the estate’s natural environment and produce wines that reflect their region. To do so, we employ careful soil preparation associated with a gentle vinification that respects processes of Mother Nature.

High Environmental Value Label (HVE): first to be awarded this label in the region, Tara has been certified Level 3 HVE since 2017.
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  • Herbicid-free certification since 2019, after having purchased an ‘Intercep’ machine allowing mechanical weeding below vines.
  • Agroforestry and polyculture: Trees and crops increase protection and fertility in the plots and avoid soil depletion. We planted several hectares of olive trees – our first olive oil is expected to be available for sale in 2023 – and new hedgerows will arrive shortly.
  • Winter viti-pastoralism: before vines bloom, grass is not mowed by tractors, but grazed by sheeps!
  • Little fertiliser use and focus on more ‘natural’ methods like subsoiling, as we prioritize making the best use out of our soil.
  • Sustainable materials: cardboard cases, corks and bottles are fully recyclable.

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